Friday, October 25, 2013

Adding the Data Cleaner and Data Quality Plugins to Kettle

Data Cleaner :

Data Quality :
  • Download Easy data quality for Pentaho
  • The plugin source code and downloads are hosted on Sourceforge, so the first step is to go here to download it:
  • After download you will have a file named EasyDQ-PDI-plugin.jar.

Copy plugin file to Pentaho:
  • Copy the EasyDQ-PDI-plugin.jar file to the plugins/ directory of Pentaho Data Integration. The folder will already have a few other plugins, for instance it will look like this:
external image pdi-install-1_500x248.jpg
  • If you prefer you can also create a subdirectory in the plugins/ folder and put the file there.
Start Pentaho Data Integration:
  • Start Pentaho Data Integration by executing the spoon.bat file (or on *nix systems). Once the application has started, you should see the "Data Quality" category of steps when you work with transformations.
external image pdi-install-2.png

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